Vendor Application

Christmas in Ancaster Craft Show 2023 Application
Application Deadline: August 15, 2023. Craft Show Details: Saturday November 25, 2023 & Sunday November 26, 2023 10am-4pm held at Ancaster Fairgrounds: 630 Trinity Rd S, Jerseyville, ON L0R 1R0. You will receive an email copy of your application. The copy IS NOT an acceptance letter.

Application Process

No commercial products or companies (i.e., subscriptions or reps.) will be permitted to sell or promote at the show.

For those who have applied digitally (through this form on our website) if you are accepted, you will receive an invoice from Clarity Marketing & Design and an acceptance letter via email. You will be able to pay the invoice through email money transfer of credit card.

Each Exhibitor will be notified of their acceptance to the show by email ( This email will have important information about the show and your receipt for monies paid. Please read the package carefully and retain a copy for your information.

Once invoice has been paid payment is non-refundable.

Set Up & Take Down

Show Set Up: Friday, November 24, 2023 from 11am-8pm
(Or Saturday morning, November 25, 2023 by special request. Please write in Special Request box)
Show Take Down: Sunday, November 26, 2023 AFTER 4pm

Please report to the FRONT OF MARRITT HALL (main building) for your booth assignment. Each Exhibitor must remain for the full duration of each day and NOT remove any or part portion of their booth/sale items until closing on Sunday, November 26, 2023 at 4:00PM. All Exhibitor vehicles must display the parking permits on their dashboard of their vehicle(s). Parking will be in the designated areas only during the show. Any and all vehicles, hauling trailers etc., left around the buildings after set up times and show times and not the designated areas will be towed away at the Exhibitors expense unless otherwise directed by the Show Management. Vehicle passes will be issued at time of arrival for set up.

Food Vendors

All food vendors MUST include a copy of your Hamilton Health Dept. food vendor application form, booth layout, and your kitchen inspection papers (upload a copy below). If you are accepted as a vendor to our show a fee of $41.80 will be added to your invoice. This is for IF you get inspected at the craft show by the health department. If you DO NOT get inspected the $41.80 will be refunded to you by Show Management via email money transfer.

PLEASE NOTE: food vendors cannot choose a 10x6 booth as the space does not allow enough room for health code regulations. You will need to select a booth size of 10x10 or bigger.

Download the Hamilton Health Department Food Vendor Application Form here
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Please note: corners, wall space and show locations subject to Show Management discretion only

Booth Displays & Regulations

Booth sizes can vary in the show. Curtained backdrops are supplied for the center aisle booths and side curtains for all others. Hydro is included with your booth but limited to 400 watts. The Show Management cannot be held responsible for power outages beyond our control. All exhibitor backdrops must be free standing. Exhibitors assume full responsibility for compliance with local and provincial ordinances and regulations governing fire safety and health. SMOKING IS NOT PERMITTED IN ANY BUILDING. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES IS OPEN FLAME ALLOWED IN ANY PART OF THE EXHIBITION BUILDINGS. The Show Management retains the right to remove any item or Exhibitor from the show that is not complying with this request. The Show Management also reserves the right to remove any item or Exhibitor from the show who exhibits any item or items the Show Management considers unacceptable for public viewing. All electric articles (lights, extension cords, power bars, cash registers, etc.) must be C.S.A. approved and in good working order.


Exhibitors will not exceed beyond their designated booth into any access aisle or stairway or exit door. Each Exhibitor agrees to not assign, sublet or apportion all or any part of their rights and space allocated unless agreed upon by the Show Management.

The Exhibitor agrees to collect any and all taxes applicable at the time of their sales and remit same as required. The Show Management, show employees and Venue will not be held responsible for remitting to any government agency, as required by law, for said Exhibitor sales. Each Exhibitor is also responsible for their own vendor permits and booth insurance.
Tables and chairs are free for your use at our show. Keep in mind, we have less than 20 booths for 10x6's, those spots are very limited and fill up quickly. They are in the hallways and atriums. If you want to be in the main area (not in a hallway) choose a 10x10 or bigger. We have a higher amount of 10x10's available. Our Christmas in Ancaster Craft Show is TWO buildings.

Food vendors need to choose a booth size of 10x10 or bigger not a 10x6.
Tables are 8 feet by 2 1/2 feet. Please let us know how many of the location tables you may need.


The Exhibitor buildings will be locked during the night. No Exhibitor will have access to the building after the show closes each day. Show Management and the Ancaster Fairgrounds will NOT be held responsible for lost, stolen or damaged Exhibitors items during this event.

Management Liability & Exhibitor Insurance

Show Management shall not under any circumstances whatsoever be liable or responsible for (a) any loss, damage, theft or destruction whatsoever or howsoever caused to goods equipment, or any other property belonging to the Exhibitor or for which the Exhibitor is responsible; (b) any damage or injury suffered by the Exhibitor or his servants or agents or by any other person; (c) any loss, damage, injury, or cost whatsoever suffered by the Exhibitor by reason of any change in the date, time or place of exhibition or the abandonment thereof. The Exhibitor shall be liable for all loss, damage, injury claim costs and expenses whatsoever and however caused to any person or property in any circumstances whatsoever by the Exhibitor, his servants or agents or the goods, exhibits, fittings, machinery and other property belonging to the Exhibitor or for which the Exhibitor is responsible and the Exhibitor hereby agrees to indemnify the Show Management in respect of (a) any such loss, damage, injury claims, cost and expenses as aforesaid and (b) all or any infringement of copyright or breach of license. Since the Exhibitor exhibits entirely at his/her own risk in every respect, he/she is strongly advised to affect full comprehensive insurance against the risk of loss or damage, however caused, to his/her property or person to the property or person of his/her employees or agents. If Show Management should be prevented from holding the show by any cause beyond its control or if it cannot permit the Exhibitor to occupy his/her rented space due to circumstances beyond its control including, but not limited to strike, civil disobedience, inclement weather, lockouts, acts of God, suppliers etc. and Show Management shall have no further obligation or liability to the Exhibitor. Any contractual agreement made between and Exhibitor and any supplier shall be between those parties and the Show Management shall not be party thereto nor incur any liability on behalf of any one Exhibitor in such contractual arrangements.


Please upload 3-5 images of your products/items that you will sell, a past booth setup image, or a drawing/sketch of your booth setup. Even if you are a returning vendor, please upload new and current photos of your setup and products.
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By digitally signing you are agreeing you have filled out this application truthfully and agree to the terms and conditions in this application.